Technology used in digital courses

Digital courses require an entire toolbox of digital instruments that is in permanent development. In addition to the central tools, locally used technology is used in the parallel working sessions of the participants of the individual facilities. Everything is tested in a 45-minute trial run a few days before the course.


The central toolbox mainly includes services for

  • Providing the course materials and collecting working outcomes (Dropbox);

  • Live communication (Slack);

  • Video conferencing technology (mainly Whereby);

  • Digital Whiteboard (ClickMeeting);

  • Joint live-editing of documents (Office 365 including OneNote).

Collaboration tools of the represented institutions are largely used in the parallel working sessions of the local teams. If necessary and after consultation, central tools can be used. 

Personal technology

Course attendees need:

  • Computer with microphone, camera and speaker;

  • Good internet connection;

  • Headset (recommended);

  • Permanent access to the services and materials used;

  • Printer (if you prefer to draw and sketch on paper);

  • Smartphone for taking and sharing pictures as well as a second device.

Test run

  • To ensure that the technology works smoothly during the course, all of this is tested a few days in advance with all participants in a 45-minute trial run.

  • Required invitations or links to the services used as well as trial documents will be sent in advance via email.

  • In order to be able to help with our own technology if necessary, we also ask during the test run whether and which solutions are available or can be used at the individual institutions for the local working sessions.

  • The appointment is made using a doodle.