Coronavirus Measures

The corona pandemic is the biggest challenge to our society since the Second World War – with an open outcome. The main task is to help contain and manage the crisis in our environment. "Plus est en vous!"

German information 


  • The corona pandemic is the biggest challenge for our society since the Second World War. Its open outcome includes the Award work. 

  • Under our motto "Plus est en vous!" we have now the primary task of helping to contain and manage the crisis in our environment and to give young people in particular support and perspective. This applies regardless of whether they participate in the Award or not.

  • On site, this period of time should be used for long-delayed work such as documentation and online administration as well as participation in the significantly expanded webinar portfolio.

  • All work is carried out within the framework of the current official requirements. Their daily development must be observed.

  • It can already be positively foreseen that many of the digital instruments that are now being increasingly used or newly introduced will remain in our work.

Products and services provided by the Association 

Starting with the declaration of the AGM on February 29, the Association quickly adapted its services to the new situation. 

  • Since the successful premiere with the 135th Programme Course, courses are only carried out online at least until the end of April. The next dates are the Management Course on 27/28 March (fully booked) and another Programme Course on 24/25 April (still seven registrations missing to make it confirmed). The Methods Training is postponed to autumn.

  • In addition, the Alte Bahnmeisterei is closed to all public traffic until further notice and can only be reached by email. This applies in particular to the use as a base camp for ventures in the Expeditions section.

The focus of our work is currently the conversion of the Management Course to webinar form as well as the completion of version 6.0 of the Handbook (which is already used in all our courses in the current draft). As announced, the Annual Consultations of all Operators will begin in April.

Guidelines for local Award delivery

For your local work, please note:

  • With the common Internet services of your own organisation, contacts with the participants should be maintained as far as possible. During this time, this is very important for young people beyond Award mentoring. Where appropriate and possible, friends or classmates should also be involved.

  • There are countless activities for the Skills and Physical sections that can be carried out alone or at home; for the Service, e.g. in the context of the activity category "Community action and raising awareness",  online volunteering in the context of corona containment might be an option. A corresponding change of activity is possible at any time. In the Expeditions section, at least parts of the training and research on the aim can be carried out online.

  • Participants can continue on to the next level, even if they have not yet completed all parts of the level "below" (e.g. Expeditions).

  • Participants who leave the facility without having completed their current Award should receive an official certificate, in which their efforts are recognized. This might also make sense for everyone else.

Please tell us about your experience – and above all: stay healthy!

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